Saturday, August 30, 2008

Carnivàle and the Tarot Card project

My family and I are enjoying a DVD collection of an HBO series called "Carnivàle" and I must say that I am thoroughly enjoying the show, it has an excellent magical and dark quality that I think is something that has been an unfilled niche for a very long time.

Unfortunately that niche appears to be unsustainable as the show only lasted 2 seasons, of which I will be purchasing both when I return to my apartment in the big city.

The opening credits of
Carnivàle are quite incredible on their own. Images of the a Tarot card deck are interspersed with images from the Dustbowl which is when the show is set. Finding these credits inspiring... I found myself saying:

"I should design a Tarot deck"

so since that what this blog is about... I would love to hear about suggestions for designs for your favorite card(s), or the meanings behind cards that might be hither to known to the parts of my brain.


Friday, August 29, 2008

the Mona Lisa in a fraction of a second

never quite seen anything like this... and of course leave it up to the Mythbusters guys to do it...

the slow motion action at the end of the video is probably the best part...


Thursday, August 28, 2008

New York street/balloon art

ok this is really cool

These creature are created by Joshua Allen Harris... kudos to him for creating such an interesting set of creatures.

it kinda makes me think about how the world might seem through a different set of eyes, or perhaps how a creature from another dimension might interpreted...


Guitar Praise: Solid Rock

ok... this is taking things to a level which I find disturbing, however predictable. It is a Christian based Guitar Hero styled game...

Being an Atheist, I feel that Christian Rock as a genre is simply a way for right wing business people to cash in on the millions of youth that are blinded by the indoctrination of the church, and feed those who are already wealthy to a point of being 'bursting at the seams' wealthy.

Also being a fan of the Guitar Hero games, I feel this is a shameless rip off of a successful business venture that could never have been thought of by the right wing religious fat cats who run the industry of Christian Rock.

and to add to the masses of people who have been trying to think up a better name for the bloody thing:

Guitar Praise: Sunday School of Rock

Fortunately, Christian based games have a notorious reputation for tanking, due to their extremely low quality all around.

UPDATE: I just found out that Stairway to Heaven WILL NOT be on the song list.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm a bit of an artist...

I claim to be an illustrator sometimes...

This is something I did for myself as a tattoo, but never decided to go through with it.

I'll post drawings occasionally... and if you can't guess... I love gears... and general steampunk design ethic...


I'm also addicted to WoW...

ok... so I have two vices... the Brain Crack, and World of Warcraft. But recently I've been finding that the game no longer offers the same draw that it used to. Within the game I find that the misery between the players working toward the same goal of finishing quests, or achieving certain levels of gear and weapons depressing. There is no way to win... socially or even within the game itself.

Perhaps it's time to find a more productive way to spend my time. I have enjoyed this hobby, but it probably has come to a natural place now.

Perhaps I'll learn to knit...

... perhaps not


(for anyone interested here is my main character) Ewanni

Brain Crack Addicts Anonymous

I have found that in my life... the more time I have available to me, the less I do... and the less time I have available to me the harder I work on all the commitments I make.

Currently living at my parents house, I find that my mind is filled with ideas which I want to execute, most of them stories, or other projects, but for some reason I find reasons not to do them. I should perhaps explain where 'Brain Crack' comes from... and that is the 'web guru' ZeFrank, who hosted 'the show' for a year and to which I found most amusing and will still return to, to watch random episodes simply for the zany and excellent look at the world around him.

ZeFrank stated that Brain Crack is the ideas that we have and think are amazing, and want to share, but never become realized because it's perfect in our head... and I'm an addict...

So here I am deciding to open a forum... to start me on the road to recovery from this life long addiction, and perhaps at the same time inspire others to do the same...

so - my hat off to ZeFrank, who inspired this venture.

and as soon as I figure out the jiggery pokery of certain things I'll start throwing up links to things that I find fun or interesting