Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Brain Crack Addicts Anonymous

I have found that in my life... the more time I have available to me, the less I do... and the less time I have available to me the harder I work on all the commitments I make.

Currently living at my parents house, I find that my mind is filled with ideas which I want to execute, most of them stories, or other projects, but for some reason I find reasons not to do them. I should perhaps explain where 'Brain Crack' comes from... and that is the 'web guru' ZeFrank, who hosted 'the show' for a year and to which I found most amusing and will still return to, to watch random episodes simply for the zany and excellent look at the world around him.

ZeFrank stated that Brain Crack is the ideas that we have and think are amazing, and want to share, but never become realized because it's perfect in our head... and I'm an addict...

So here I am deciding to open a forum... to start me on the road to recovery from this life long addiction, and perhaps at the same time inspire others to do the same...

so - my hat off to ZeFrank, who inspired this venture.

and as soon as I figure out the jiggery pokery of certain things I'll start throwing up links to things that I find fun or interesting


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