Thursday, August 28, 2008

Guitar Praise: Solid Rock

ok... this is taking things to a level which I find disturbing, however predictable. It is a Christian based Guitar Hero styled game...

Being an Atheist, I feel that Christian Rock as a genre is simply a way for right wing business people to cash in on the millions of youth that are blinded by the indoctrination of the church, and feed those who are already wealthy to a point of being 'bursting at the seams' wealthy.

Also being a fan of the Guitar Hero games, I feel this is a shameless rip off of a successful business venture that could never have been thought of by the right wing religious fat cats who run the industry of Christian Rock.

and to add to the masses of people who have been trying to think up a better name for the bloody thing:

Guitar Praise: Sunday School of Rock

Fortunately, Christian based games have a notorious reputation for tanking, due to their extremely low quality all around.

UPDATE: I just found out that Stairway to Heaven WILL NOT be on the song list.

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