Monday, September 1, 2008

Dali in interview, and other excellence

I really wish that we could see more Saturday morning cartoons that were this messed up... it would force children to actually stop and question what they see instead of simply having the television pander half hour long advertisements.

Speaking of questioning the status-quo: Timmy's Wish, was sent to me by a buddy, and I felt that it was brilliant at messing with accepted ideas

Also - I have started doing sketches for the Tarot deck, if anyone wants to contribute art or something of the nature, I'm not gonna say no. If you have a favorite card do a drawing. I started with the Juggler, and have been able to keep much of the context of the card as well as have some more interesting art ideas, I will post the sketch when I am able to scan it.

that's all that I found to be inspiring today


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